Brian has never shied away from difficult situations, and he takes that same approach when it comes to serving his community. Brian is committed to listening to what his constituents need and then working hard to find solutions that make sense and resources that make a difference.


Though he didn’t run for office thinking that voting rights would be a central issue in his career in politics, he realized through conversations with voters that there were accessibility and equity issues around voting in Maryland that needed to be improved. Through collaboration and partnerships, Brian passed legislation that requires an additional early voting center in St. Mary’s in the Lexington Park area.

Commitment to Veterans

As a veteran employed on Pax River Naval Air Station, Brian understands many veterans retire from service and take positions as civilian contractors.

For Maryland to attract prior service talent and remain competitive nationally, we shouldn’t tax military retirement. This incentive lures those who served and have the necessary experience to continue to serve in a civilian capacity by filling positions at one of our 11 military installations.

  • 2019: HB1322: Income Tax – Subtraction Modification – Military Retirement Income

Brian expanded property tax exemptions for disabled veterans by expanding brackets for those who were partially injured during their time in uniform.

  • 2020: HB257: Property Tax –Credit for Disabled Veterans

We all know the statistic: veterans commit 22 suicides a day. Furthermore, nearly 20% of households are affected by mental illnesses. Brian advocates for more mental health facilitates and funding in schools for behavioral health schools.

  • HB1170: Behavioral Health Services Matching Grant Program for Service Members and Veterans – Establishment

Economic Diversity

As a government contractor, Brian recognizes the importance of the $5 billion economic engine that is the Patuxent River Naval Air Station. However, he also recognizes the need to enhance the surrounding economy. Brian focuses on supporting legislation that will foster a broad range of economic growth in St. Mary’s County.

In his first term, Brian has worked to bring back millions of dollars to local economic drivers to create jobs and foster economic growth:

  • $1,250,000 grant to the Southern Maryland Navy Alliance for the renovation of the Innovative Center for Autonomous Systems
  • $87,000,000 for Southern Maryland Higher Education Center to expand workforce development and foster innovation in St. Mary’s County’s technology corridor.
  • $4,790,000 for Maryland Heritage Interpretive Center at Historic St. Mary’s City to construct a new visitors center to welcome all to the first capital of Maryland.
  • $100,000 for Patuxent River Naval Air Museum and Visitor Center to upgrade the facilities that show off the history and achievements of St. Mary’s County’s largest economic driver.


Brian’s passion for education advocacy began when he saw his sister, Caiti, struggle with the resources available to her as a public school teacher. Investment in education means improving teachers’ salaries and giving students the instructional resources they need to be successful. Brian supported the Maryland Blueprint for Education and its mission to make Maryland Public Schools the best in the country.  Brian is dedicated to investing in our teachers, faculty, and students for a brighter future.

  • Brian worked to secure $35,100,000 for St. Mary’s College of Maryland for new academic buildings, auditorium, and improvements to the historic campus.
  • The Blueprint for Education is a 13-year multi-billion dollar investment in Maryland’s schools to give opportunities to all students regardless of their background.